Season of Giving Gift Guide

Good morning beautiful people! 

We are looking forward to sharing some new products and some deals for the next 12 days! These newbies are something you definitely won't want to miss, but in the meantime... let's talk about gifts. Are you stuck on what to get someone special in your life? Afraid they might not like what you get them? Well, here's a little guide to help you decide on the perfect gift for your friends/family/spouse.

For the men in your life:

So here is the deal... men don't know what they need when it comes to skincare and moisturizing. No matter if it's your dad, grandpa, friend, spouse - they do what you tell them is good for them. Let's talk details... there are a couple of scents that are PERFECT for your dude! The first being the most popular, cold shower. This does not require you to take a cold shower, no worries. It has notes of citrus, black currant, pineapple, honeydew, muguet, water lily, vetiver, amber, and mulberry... and let me tell you, it smells SO GOOD! And let me tell you about man in a jar. Ladies, this is definitely the moisturizer your man should use because it lasts all day and no matter what his occupation, he's definitely going to come home smelling like a hunk! 

The other scent I would recommend is Silver Fox. This scent has clean citrus notes of orange and lemon with spicy notes of clove, anise, pepper, and rose. There are also notes of vanilla, leather, balsam, and warm musk lead to an unforgettable finish. This scent also comes in a whipped soap that lathers on so nice and smells so fresh and clean! After the shower make sure you grab the moisturizing body butter - it smells just like the soap, but keeps the scent lasting all day! 

For the ladies in your life:

Let me start by saying I am one of the most indecisive people on this planet... you ask me where I want to go eat, I don't know. Ask me what I want to do tonight, I don't know. When you ask me what my favorite product is, I DON'T KNOW! Why don't I know? Because there are so many amazing products! So this one is going to be parts... because women always seem to overcomplicate, so I will break it down for you the best I can. 

If she complains about her skin being super dry due to the climate change... Look no further than an exfoliant and then a moisturizer. The exfoliant can be a sugar scrub, exfoliating gloves to use with a bar of soap. These are used to scrub off all that dead skin that builds up over time. After exfoliating she will need a lotion, body butter, or a body oil mist to lather on the skin locking in the moisture (and she will smell delicious)! Not to mention her skin will be so silky soft! 

If she complains her lips are chapped... This means you need to invest in some lip balm! Let me tell you, once you use this lip balm, you won't ever use that store bought stuff again. These make your lips so buttery soft and smooth, and they smell heavenly! And good news there was just some new scents added, so now you can get her one of every kind and she will be set for about a month... depending on how many times she puts it on in an hour (for me it's about every 15 minutes, hehe).

If she says she wants to find hair care products that don't have a bunch of junk in them... Stop looking and purchase the shampoo and conditioner bars! They last longer than those squeeze bottles you find in the store, and they are much healthier for your beautiful locks. Trust me when I say this is a FIRE combo! 

If you are just trying to make her day... Grab some wax melts and linen sprays and go crazy! A clean house that smells good is bound to make her day 10x better. The aroma of vanilla bean as you walk in that door is magical. And crawling into bed after a long day to the scent of Coco Cabana Coconut on your sheets helps dream of a vacation on the beach with no responsibilities... or she will give you credit for doing the laundry! 


Basically what I am saying is... you can't go wrong with anything from Blowing Bubbles Soapery. It leaves you clean, smelling good, and causes good vibes! If you are stuck on what to get, give Terry a price that you are wanting to spend and she will put together a great gift for you! Happy Holidays!