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Blowing Bubbles Soapery

Cold Shower

Blowing Bubbles is a treat for my skin! I have loved every product that I have tried. Everything is artistic and such high quality ingredients that my skin truly is happy after using the goodies!

Kristi Diehl

My husband has always used liquid body wash but now all he uses is Cold Shower Soap. After he gets out of the shower he will use Man in a Jar lotion. I promise you if your man use these products he will smell so good you won't be able to keep your hands off him! Bonus, his skin will look and feel amazing too.

You have got to try Bye Bye Bug, we have those nasty gnats in our back yard that are so annoying and ever since I have used the spray, they are not flying and buzzing around our faces and legs. Try it! It really works..

Sue Griffith

I have tried several of Blowing Bubbles Soapery products and have loved them all! The richness of the lather from the soap and bar shampoo is great.  The whipped lotion and bar conditioner has left my skin and hair feeling soft and hydrated.  And being sensitive to certain smells and perfumes, I have not had any issues with the fragrances in the products I have tried, which I am very much appreciative of.

Jill Darin

The Man in a Jar lotion is a must have for your honey! My man would put it on after his shower in the morning and he still smells delicious after working all day in a warehouse. Pair it with the Cold Shower bar soap and it provides a clean scent smell all day long!

Chessa Griffith

The natural way to pamper yourself!

All products are produced with organic, sustainably sourced, paraben and phthalate free ingredients, aimed at giving you the best for you! Packaging used is biodegradable and recyclable.

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